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Friday Finds: Herbs, Grilled Cheese, and Shaving

Well hello my fellow finders! It has been a little minute since I’ve shared some Friday Finds and it is good to be back. This week the theme is no theme. These are just things I’m currently digging and their lack of cohesive grouping can be overlooked for the sake of variety.

GF Cinnamon Raisin Bread

This is about two things: GF bread that actually tastes like bread AND Grilled cheese living it’s best life.

I swear I can’t tell that this bread is gluten free. Can’t even. It is so genuine that I sometimes believe the package is straight up lying to me. Of course it’s not. I toast it. There is NO OTHER WAY to eat cinnamon raisin bread. Unless it’s showing up as french toast. Which this little Trader Joe’s find can totally pull off.

My favorite way to use this bread you ask? Grilled cheese! NOT just any grilled cheese folks. But something extra delicious that doesn’t cause you to break out in a sweat. The inspiration came from a fantastic little food truck in Seaside, FL called The Meltdown. And their brilliant grilled cheese with brie. Brie!!! Thick toasty bread held together by melty nutty cheese, wrapped around crisp salty bacon, all beautifully accented by sweet fig compote (fancy name for fruit that has been stewed in juice, wine or syrup). Now that you’re hungry, here is where our GF cinnamon raisin number shows up. Of course you should feel completely content about subbing in sourdough, honey wheat, or go hog wild with cranberry nut bread.

Because I promised you no sweat grilled cheesing here are some tips. Let the brie sit at room temperature for 30 minutes while you paint your nails or bathe a baby. Crisp up your bacon in just four minutes, layered between paper towels, on a plate in the microwave. (Microwaves vary so keep an eye on it). Heat a non-stick or cast iron pan to medium. Spread whatever jam you have on hand onto each half of bread. Take one half of that smeared bread and add a layer of sliced brie… yes you can eat the rind. It’s fine. You’ll be fine. Then add a few pieces of crisped bacon and another layer of brie. Top that off with the second half of jam-smeared bread. Butter one outside of the sandwich and place that side down on the pan. While it’s getting toasty, butter the other side that’s facing up. After a few minutes turn it onto the other side and finish up your toasty goodness. You have total freedom to eat it all by yourself, hiding in the closet, or with any other people that come running once they get a whiff of that bacon cooking.

Note: if brie scares you, no worries dude. Substitute with another melty cheese like: Gruyere (my all time favorite cheese ever), Gouda, Medium cheddar, or Monterey Jack.  

Herb Jars

Help! My herbs are dying!

So this little herb hack is about to bring life to your kitchen and savings to your grocery bill. I love fresh herbs. There I said it. They make all the difference in our food creations. Whether basic or beyond extra. Don’t even fight me on this.

“But”, you say, “they never last”. Maybe you’ve been there, done that. You’ve eye witnessed those bad boys shrivel up and die before they even see a cutting board. If you have hopes and dreams of adding them to a homemade bolognese or salad dressing. Or even attempting to make nachos remotely healthy. I got you!

Here is all you need:

  • Bring herbs home or grow them in the ground. (If growing things is just not your jam, include them in your favorite grocery delivery or curbside service… for the love)
  • Rinse them. Just hold the whole bunch under running water
  • Shake off excess water
  • Chop off the ends… about an inch
  • Place in a mason jar
  • Add a few inches of water
  • Cover with that plastic bag they arrived in for even longer freshness (I don’t do this step because I like the ability to “see” what I have in the fridge… you do you man)
  • Place in the fridge for literally eons

My absolute favorite thing to make with a fridge (or garden) full of herbs is chimichurri sauce. It’s tangy, garlicky, parsley pesto and it is absolutely divine on grilled meat, chicken, or fish!! Here is a great go to recipe that takes all of 5 minutes.

Bonus tip: I also store my asparagus using the same exact method. Sometimes my fridge looks like a little flower shop with all these vases of fresh cut veggies and herbs. At times it will even motivate me to cook on those nights I just can’t even.

Billie Razor

Ok, let’s just take a breath because this is a razor. Yes. I’m going to talk about a razor on a blog. Trust me it’s worthy of some words.

I have been using mine for about a year and there are several reasons I think you should know about it… in case you don’t already.

Billie razor, magnetic mount, shave cream and refills

First, this is a subscription which means it shows up at our door making life un-fussy. (mamas everywhere sing hallelujah). You choose refills to arrive every one, two, or three months depending on your shave frequency.

Second, it’s affordable. Just nine dollars for the starter kit then each set of four refills.

Third, it easily hangs in the shower using a cute little magnetic situation.

Fourth, and best of all, the shave is absolutely fantastic! Surrounding the blade is a charcoal soap that helps create the smoothest silkiest results. And… because we’re friends here, I’d like to also mention that the billie razor is good to even those delicate-easily-irritated-swimsuit-shave-areas.

Fifth, did I mention that Billie uses completely clean and cruelty-free ingredients. They have other products to help women build a better medicine cabinet or gym bag.

I have gifted this to all of my girls for Christmas and they totally agree that it’s the bomb.


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