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Friday Finds: Beauty Edition

I came across this little time and money saver thanks to my oldest daughter, who is a grown married woman now and one of my best friends. Jesus is real! And that is no joke! She often brings good things into my sphere that she discovers from her darling twenty something corner of life. We all thank her.

The Face Halo

Hello simplicity. Good-bye excess.

I want to talk about make up. Well, actually the removal of it. I generally enjoy applying make up. However, it’s the whole “end of the day, not my best self”, removal process that is a total drag. For me it’s not unlike cooking: I love the ENTIRE cooking process and ESPECIALLY the result. But, doing the dishes is just not exciting. Then there are the multitude of cleansers and oils and scrubs with which one must use to remove all traces of product. By the time this nightly program is finally complete, my babies are grown and all the world is well into REM sleep.

The alternative… Just go to bed. Make up and all. I’m told this is bad. Like, the skin care police coming to arrest you, kind of bad.

If you are a young doe and your skin is still perfect, then feel free to enjoy living in oblivion of the future collagen extinction coming your way. However, if you are, let’s say… shopping in the anti-aging isle of beauty care, you know better. Bottom line: Taking care of our skin matters, across all generations.

Face Halo to our rescue!

If you are a make up remover wipe addict or a “sleep in your make up” abuser (we know how that ends), then I am here to set your skin free… and your future clogged pores. If you are a product junkie, user of fifty steps to take off your bulletproof mascara, then I am here to loosen those shackles girl!

This little non-assuming circle will gently yet effectively remove your make-up with ONLY water. You heard that right my friend! The face halo fibers are 100 times finer than human hair and can reach into your pores, with their minuscule magic little fiber hands and grab your make up and carry it away. Using only water.

What about eye make up? Nailed it. What about waterproof mascara? Nailed it. What about heavy coverage days? Also… nailed it.

This is mine after a few uses

Did I mention that this little beauty aid is machine washable, for like 200 times. Tips: allow it to air dry after each use. Toss it in with a load of your regular laundry after 3 to 4 uses. For your mascara removal: soak under warm water then hold over eyelid for a few seconds to soften then gently wipe the day away.

You are certainly free to use a cleanser or the whole mob of cleansers. Face Halo will not judge you. Sometimes, I even add a squirt of cleanser directly to my face halo just because I really dig my cleanser. Sometimes, not.

This next find comes straight out of the 1980’s so let’s all prepare ourselves. As I relive some of the nostalgic cheesiness of my seventeen year old self, I have provided italics where appropriate. (if it’s in italics and you don’t get it, just carry on, you are still young, and there’s always google).

My bangs, and me. Somewhere in the late 80’s.

The Scrunchie

Cult classic that made a come back

Helloooo. Is it me you’re looking for??? The 80’s called! To remind us that scrunchies were a good idea. And they’re here to stay.

A little Diddy, ’bout hair and messy buns. AKA: Why am I such a scrunchie fan? It makes your messy bun look fuller without throwing you into a tension headache. It contains your top knot without damaging your hair. Oh yeah… life goes on…

I have favorites. Of course. There should be no surprises here folks.

My Top Two:

The SUPER SCRUNCHIE from Free People.

1.The Super Scrunchie: Large and Luxurious

This bad mama jama is large and in charge. Just as fine as she can be. Here to boldly represent… All things big and statement-like from back in the days of yore. When enormous hair and elevated shoulders were the rage.

It is a bit pricy for a scrunchie but let’s not have a cow! All you ever need is one. Unless you have other females living with you who actually groom themselves. Then you may need multiple. Or a solid hiding place.

This super scrunchie is my ultimate favorite! It’s dramatic size makes a dirty hair day look intentional. Adds volume. Soft, silky but sturdy… holding my hair in place without damaging it. This would be a good “throw into a bun and go” option for those days your working 9 to 5, or wrangling a herd of children.

Three females. One super scrunchie. One beanie. And a Frenchie.

What I want, you got. Well well well you. Ooh Ooh. You makah my dreams come true, velvet scrunchie.

2. The Velvet Scrunchie

This here is my favorite bang for your buck Amazon scrunchie. They come in a cute little pouch and various colors. More substantial than other brands I’ve tried and they even hold up great in the wash. These are good ponytail options. Also easy on the hair breakage AND non-headache inducing. Winner winner TV dinner! Ooops that was actually a 1950’s reference.


Go ahead and cut loose. Everybody cut loose. Give the scrunchie a try. Young. Old. Middles. If you are not a messy bun gal that is totally gnarly. Or if you are a short and sassy hair, uptown girl, living in your uptown world, looking so fine… You can snag one for another female in your life. Tie it onto a wrapped birthday gift or deliver it to someone who is sick or in the hospital (along with dry shampoo of course) for an easy care top knot.

See you back real soon for some more of my hard habits to break (wink)!


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