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FRIDAY FINDS: Travel Edition

I’m heading to New York City next week as a chaperone for my son’s senior trip. While I was chatting with our Target cashier last night, as he was scanning the bazillion travel sized items from my cart, he asked if we were going on a trip. Umm… obviously. I shared with him that my son is going to NYC with his senior class for a school trip and I was going as a chaperone. Then, in my best sarcastic voice I said, “It’s really rough for those kids having to spend a week in NYC on a school trip and see broadway plays and eat amazing food”. He paused and looked at me, quite confused. I smiled. Theeeeeeen it hit him… “oh! you’re being sarcastic”! He continued, “well I guess it’s not rough for them but it’s rough for you having to chaperone”. Maybe… maybe in some other chaperone universe. But in mine, it’s the bomb diggity. These kids are spectacular! Not without flaws but still delightful to know and spend time with. And they are so, because of the amazing parents who brought them up to be so. Whom I will also get to hang with while perusing the big apple, swooning over Hamilton and shoving the best brick oven pizza into my mouth.

Side note: Besides myself and my senior man-child, I have two other children traveling on school trips next week. Plus a grown daughter and husband, living their best chaperone lives, while accompanying the junior class to Disney. (Been there. Done that. See my post from last year’s chaperone gig to see Mickey.)

Therefore, with all of the packing going on in our home, I thought I would let you in on some of my must have travel finds.

Favorite Hand Cream

I don’t know what it is about traveling that makes my hands extra dry but it’s totally a thing. I need hand hydration and I need it to be hard working! This is my go to hand cream always and forever. It’s luxurious yet lightweight. My skin feels nourished and silky. Not only is it a must on my travel list but also a day to day staple. There is constantly a tube of this in my purse, in my car and in my bedside table. Often I add this as a stocking suffer at Christmas or include it in a care package for a sick friend or new mama.

Pill Case… Not as weird as it sounds.

I call this my vitamin capsule. It’s portable, shatterproof, waterproof, and the perfect compact size pill case. Not only do I travel with this but it goes in my purse daily for Advil, Tylenol and those vitamins I am suppose to take at meal time. There are three little compartments that connect, so you can divide your meds up by day or type. You can travel with the two pack and carry one for vitamins and one for medication… if you like a systematic approach to things. Otherwise you can just grab your ziplock baggies and hope for the best.

Travle Snacks

I am a snacker. I have a few friends who do not snack so I know that those women exist and we can still love them dearly. However, for the rest of the female population… I am here for you! When my children were young and we were living in foreign places, traveling back home, for what felt like fifty six hours on a plane, snacks were our lifeline. Have snacks. Know Jesus. Will travel. Most of my kids are now big enough to drive to the store and buy their own travel snacks. Regardless, this mama will have her emergency calories on hand every time.

Verb energy bars: Ok y’all these are so darn good. They not only taste great but are also armed with a little energy pick me up. These bad mamma jammas have just 90 calories and the same amount of caffeine as an espresso. AND there is no over proteinated after taste. AND AND AND their company is killing it at customer service! I get a hip and helpful personal rep who will text me when its time for my order to ship, offering any specials and asking if I need to change anything in my order. Check my instagram for a promotional code!!!

Sriracha ranch cashews also found here: I first tried these when my oldest son brought these home after discovering them while having to feed himself at college. If you like spice and flavor then here is your new addiction. Your welcome. Bonus: these are a total hack when I am tempted to grab something that is going to push me into a sugar slump and make the ability to button my jeans all the more difficult. They are flavorful and filling.

Dots pretzel: I have shared these in a previous Friday Finds post. Listen, normally I am not a pretzel person. I feel they lack way too much flavor for the carb load they bring to the table. HOWEVER, I have made a complete exception when it comes to these bad boys. They are crunchy, salty, garlicky and cheesy all in one bite. I keep the lunch size bags in my snack drawer.

Emmy’s cookies: Besides chips and salsa, cookies are my food weakness. In fact, you can find the best all time cookie recipe here. It is the most coveted item requested from my kitchen (my salsa is a close second). Since evil in the world is real, we can not eat all the cookies all the time. Sometimes we have to make grown up healthy choices. Sigh. In walks this wholesome, smooth, vanilla bean, coconutty dreamboat. They are absolutely delicious and totally satisfying when trying to be wise about our food choices. There are four different varieties and I love them all! Here is the description from Emmy herself: “IT IS OUR TAKE ON A CLASSIC VANILLA COOKIE, BUT WITH PURE AND DECADENT INGREDIENTS. THESE VEGAN, ORGANIC AND NON-GMO COOKIES ARE SO AMAZING IT WILL BE HARD TO HAVE JUST ONE.” That’s not all… Their “how we got started” story is adorable and you will feel good about America again.

Alrighty friends, I’m off to finish packing, and hopefully avoid leaving my house an utter disaster in the process.


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