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College Cooking: Tasty, Healthy Recipes You can Make in Your Dorm Room

Make Food & Make Friends. Then enjoy them together!

Even if you’re not in college, you’ll love these quick recipes!

I made a free PDF guide with FOURTEEN of my favorite quick recipes for students (and myself!). It’s linked at the bottom of this post!

BBQ stuffed and bacon topped sweet potato!

If you are a mama, grandmama, aunt or friend of a college student, this would be a great resource to send them, along with a gift card to the local grocery store in their college town. Or, create a unique and personalize graduation gift… grab a cute reusable grocery bag and fill it with kitchen shears, salt and pepper grinder, microwavable mugs, and some hot sauce and everything bagel seasoning. And of course, a printed copy of this PDF guide tucked inside!

Take some time to sit down and watch this video, and be sure to print out the PDF I made you, linked at the bottom of this post.

While I’d recommend watching the whole video in one sitting, here is a cheat sheet if you want to look for a specific recipe!

  • 0:00-1:45 Intro & a case for food prep
  • 1:50 Overnight Oats & advice for ingredients to look for
  • 8:21 Microwave Bacon & Microwave Omelette
  • 13:42 Microwave Stuffed Sweet Potato (or regular potato)
  • 18:55 Versatile Taco Stuffing
  • 19:17 Citrus juicing tip
  • 20:12 How to Cut an Avocado
  • 21:18 How to Store Unused Avocado
  • 22:02 Ramen to the Rescue (How to enhance Ramen!)
  • 24:49 Poached Egg in Microwave
  • 26:24 Snack Ideas & No-Bake Energy Bombs
Ramen to the rescue!

Here’s the free guide!


Hope you enjoy!! Let me know in the comments when you make one of the recipes!


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