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Friday Finds

Listen, if you know me well then you are astutely aware of my oversharing tendencies. Thank you for tolerating me thus far! In the spirit of loving y’all dearly and being true to myself, I’m starting a thing. A way to pass along good stuff… and a conduit for my inclination to offer you an ongoing stream of information. That will hopefully be helpful.

Introducing… FRIDAY FINDS! This will be a hodgepodge variety of expectantly useful tools and tips. Because I like ALL THE THINGS and sharing and connecting and learning, I’m creating a little hub to do that. It will range from beauty and fashion to food and entertaining to spiritual growth and family. As always, I am open to suggestions and feedback so feel free to comment and report in.

Here we go!

You can download the Read Scripture app here.

Read Scripture App

One of my favorite tools for reading and understanding the Bible.

The read scripture app is a beautifully curated tool for helping us read through the Bible. This is no ordinary reading plan, punkins. So why is it special? They supplement their plan with amazingly creative videos! Crafted by the super talented folks at The Bible Project, these videos explain each book of the Bible and highlight major themes throughout scripture and offer tips on how to read the Bible. You will LOVE them! Besides as my own personal reading plan, I’ve used this tool to help disciple my children and lead other women in understanding the Bible.

I feel so strongly about the health of our souls ladies. Because, we can practice the best life hacks and put into place the best beauty tips (which are all good) but if we are neglecting growth in our following Jesus, we will be left spiritually parched and drifting. We can end up burned out and ineffective in God’s calling on our lives. So let’s not neglect the tending to our souls and take advantage of all that is available to us at such a time is this.

A few of my favorite Teleties that I’ve managed to conceal from the various ponytail thieves living with me. Shop them here.


Ponytail promises

Halp for the hair! Confession: The. Main. Reason. I have long hair… THE TOP KNOT! At any given point, I can opt out of major prep time on hair and instead opt in to a two minute hairdo. Fast. Easy. Cool (like in the “I live in Texas and it’s hot and sweaty ways are about to drive me to shave my head” kind of cool). Which is especially useful on those days when my hair is %90 dry shampoo… all the praise hands!

So, my go to top knot/ponytail/messy bun tool is my Teleties. Anyone who lived in the era where telephones were tethered to the wall, will immediately have a visual of those coiled cords that kept our inner fidgeter content while talking on the phone. Now put that coiled cord into a ponytail situation and voila! Teleties!

Why are these little hair accessories so great? Glad you asked…

  • No headaches
  • Less breakage
  • Decreases creases
  • Strong grip

Just to name a few.

Mamas, I have three girls, all with thick hair and one with curls, so these are tried and tested and fought over in our household. Side note: this little find was discovered by my “someday I’ll rule the world” middle daughter. Therefore ladies, we can take comfort in the fact that she will in no way waste time on that which is useless.

By the way… These are great stocking stuffers. They even have collegiate colors! I mean… come on!

Less sugar. More deliciousness. Found here.

Skinny Dipped Almonds

A new snack hack to help us all maintain civility and avoid the hangries.

I am trying to add more protein to my life and eat less sugar. Diabetes runs in my family so I know I am suppose to be responsible and make good choices and take care of my body and eat clean and care for my gut and blah blah blah. It’s just rude I tell you! I need support and encouragement and maybe an intervention! One thing’s for sure, chocolate will be necessary. Just let me live.

In walks these gems with their delicious way of satisfying my sweet tooth AND lessening my sugar intake. Plus they are gluten free, non GMO, no trans fat, and a host of other health declarations. They are even able to maintain their goodness, if you happen to leave them in your car, resulting in one big chocolaty melted together hunk. Declared from personal experience. I live in Texas, remember, and therefore I am completely accustomed to eating a hunk of melted chocolate almonds, bite by bite, like it was just meant to be.

There you have it dolls! We can all get by with a little help from a friend. So, my friend, I hope this was helpful and I will see you in the near future with more share worthy finds.


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