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Friday Finds: Stuck at Home Edition

Can you believe it? We have been sequestered at home for over a month now. Maybe the time has flown by for you. Or possibly your weeks have felt like years. For this mama, the gift of unhurried days and close proximity with my people has been treasured… mostly. Though we have had our fair share of rough spots and tender emotions, I have valued the luxury of just being present. Which is a welcomed change from my usual multi-tasking, over-thinking, and way too worn out ways.

In the spirit of making the most of our stuck at home days, I have some good finds for your lounging, baking, and Bible reading self. Enjoy!

Chocolate Baking Chips

Don’t go baking without these

Seeing as many of us have been baking ALL the things during quarantine, I felt we needed to be informed of the best chocolate chips… ever!

When I say these are the best chocolate chips, I mean it with every ounce of my baking soul! They bring a rich, creamy texture and perfect melting ability. They also add the right amount of cocoa to sweetness balance to your baked goods. I buy them in bulk because they are pricier than your traditional chips. The investment is worth it my dears! Bonus: they are perfect for that quick-fix-chocolate-love-snacking urge.

I use them in my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, my famous newborn brownies, the best banana bread. I also been known to sprinkle them a top a scoop of ice cream, pancakes cooking on the griddle, overnight oats bowls, and my mouth. Warning, once your housemates pop a few into their mouths as they pass by your baking station, it’s all over. The secret will be out and you’ll now have to ration these valuable little gems or hide them in the family safe.

Check out the recipe for these double iced brownies aka: newborn brownies.


Why be sad in jeans when you can be happy in leggings

Although I’m no fashion blogger, your girl knows an outstanding pair of leggings when I come across one. So, here’s your regular-gal review. First off, they feel absolutely amazing, which is the point right? Soft and smooth with a gentle hug to your bod. I could just stop right there and be done. But, these leggings bring much more to your wardrobe than just comfort. They are super affordable, come in a variety of colors/patterns, wash and wear fantastically, and… y’all, they come to you via amazon prime! If you are eager for ALL the facts then here you go…

My youngest baby! Who is still willing to dress alike and take silly photos with me.
  • They have slight compression but feel like a gentle hug. Great for holding in all our bits! If you want to do some intense exercise in them, size down for more compression, otherwise I go with my normal size.
  • They do not show sweat! Mitigating those awkward exercise stains during spin class, making it appear as if you didn’t make it to the ladies room.
  • They are HIGH waisted and even a bit higher in the back. Helping to keep you covered while doing squats or picking up toddlers.
  • The seamless waistband is one of my favorite things. Covering my mama leftovers oh so comfortably. In fact, there is a hidden pocket inside the waistband, that I wasn’t even aware of until I was reordering and read about that feature… That is how soft and subtle they are!
A few of the pattern options for the leggings. Also my very non-professional flat lay.

These super comfy leggings have been gifted to all of the females in my house and we now literally hate all of our other clothing.

Journaling Bible

Making scripture more meaningful

Whether you are an avid journaler or not, a note taking Bible offers an opportunity to bring God’s word to life in a meaningful way. As the world has slowed down our schedules lately, we find ourselves with more time. This is a gift. Though many lives are being stretched unmercifully thin each day, God is still working. He has allowed us to step off of the treadmill and reflect on our lives. To consider what matters most. To spend time reading about Him, praying to Him, and hearing from Him.

Jotting down notes, references, insights, or prayers while reading our Bible can not only help us focus but also tangibly engages us with the word of God. This has played a key role in my personal growth with the Lord. My faith has increased as I’ve been able to look back on my journey with God through the notes I’ve penned on the pages of scripture.

Church on the porch. That time our Sunday sermons came to us via live streaming. #coronavirus2020

Friends, my brain desperately needs a new microprocessor so if there’s any hope of me remembering the important things… I need to write them down. Otherwise they get lost in the cracks! My journal Bible goes with me to church or on retreats to capture sermon notes. I include the date, notes, and any scripture references mentioned.

Here are some beautiful examples of Bibles created by my very artistic friend Sydney.

For creative types, these coloring Bibles are a way to express how God is speaking to us through His scripture. A journal Bible can become a memorial of our own journey with God throughout a lifetime or a particular season.

These Bibles are also great gift ideas for graduation, birthdays, easter baskets, or a new believer. You can personalize the cover or write a personal note on the inside. Check out this article for multiple note taking Bible options and reviews.


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